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Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MATRIX CHARGING (Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2017-08-01 al 2017-11-30

Over the next 15 years continuing growth of urbanisation & sprawl will increase demand for individual mobility & the increase of traffic density will produce many adverse impacts that have direct effects on the quality of life for people living in cities. To lead Europe into a sustainable & competitive future, novel innovations are essential to increase transport efficiency (reduced local emissions & improved traffic flow). Vehicle electrification & autonomous driving are 2 promising new technologies that have disruptive potential for individual mobility whilst giving support “Towards an energy-efficient, decarbonised transport sector”. Sales of EVs tend to be met with high resistance primarily due to range anxiety (max. 100-400 km), variable power costs & long refuelling times (5-8 hours to charge) thus slowing down leadership in electro-mobility. Though these arguments may be valid now, future batteries & charging stations (CS) will reduce these disadvantages. It is estimated that 66k EVCS will be required in Europe in 2020. Nevertheless, gaps & barriers of current charging systems have not been solved. As EVs become more autonomous there will be greater importance on automated charging like Matrix Charging.
We have undertaken a Feasibility Study to guarantee the techno-economic viability of Matrix® Including:
Technical Feasibility
Incorporating surface cleaning-MCC prototype Air blast mechanical abrasion & vision system to our earlier prototype based on feedback of customer group
Increased size of MCP allowing 380mm X&Y misalignment
Added 5-Pole e-link allowing compatibility to Type 2 connection for fast charging
Financial Feasibility
Market analysis including:
Sectors OEMs, CPOs & Car share
Regional differences
Pestle Analysis
Exploitation route
State of the art reviews
Freedom to operate analysis
We prepared detailed work plan for Ph2, assessing all potential risks to successfully deploy Matrix®
Matrix Charging® has the ability to revolutionise automated electric vehicle charging being the first low cost (<€1500) automated conductive charging technology with no moving parts outside the vehicle. Matrix® allows 99% transmission efficiency MCC houses all moving parts. Due to it’s lightweight, adaptable geometry & smart design it is easily retrofitted to any electric vehicle.
Matrix supports the policy related to battery-powered vehicles which focuses on technological optimisation more specifically charging infrastructure & plug-in solutions.