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EQ Supreme is the cost-effective, ultra-thin silage stretch wrap able to completely eliminate feed losses due to mould.


Since the introduction of the bale wrapping system in the mid 1980's, baled silage has become the handier and most
common system to store silage and hay across Europe. Since then, silage stretch wrap has come a long way and now
hundreds of millions bales are wrapped every summer in the EU. EQ Supreme by RapFast is the next major advance in this
on-going evolution, employing the very latest polymers and film manufacturing technology. EQ Supreme is the first stretch
wrap to completely exclude the air, so lactic acid fermentation can take place within the bale, leaving a feed rich in vitamins
and carotene. While preserving the nutritional value of the ensiled crop, EQ Supreme’s superior air barrier completely
eliminates the spoilage, reducing storage losses. In order to provide the ideal ensiling environment silage stretch films need
to offer a number of important elements such as strength, puncture and tear resistance, elasticity, UV stability and the ability
to cling in all circumstances. If just one of these features is missing a film will not perform effectively. EQ Supreme optimises
these elements to provide the best collective performance, while reducing the film profile thickness. Only 18 μm thick, EQ
Supreme is robust enough to withstand the rigorous handling of modern, complex wrapping machinery. Finally, EQ Supreme
is specifically designed not to neck down (width reduction) when applied to the bale. This is very unlike traditional stretch
films, which can have up to a 25% width reduction, meaning that the bale has to be wrapped with many more revolutions in
order to achieve an acceptable wrapped bale. An extra cost that EQ Supreme definitely avoids.

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