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BOOSTing the industrial application of green carbides by thermal spraying in protective coatings


The BoosT project aims to introduce advanced materials as alternatives for the efficient deposition of wear and corrosion resistant coatings by Thermal Spraying in highly demanding applications.
The project goal is to substitute the currently critical materials used in Thermal Spraying coating – Co, Ni and WC, CrC- by green elements as Fe, Ti based metals and TiC, SiC carbides.
BoosT materials and coatings will be depolyed in several industrial applications with advanatages in terms of cost savings, securing of raw material sources and removing of toxic materials.
This will be possible by using the BoosT nanostructured powder produced by Mechanomade® technology of MBN for the deposition of coatings with superior characteristics compared to the current thermal spraying materials (WCCo and NiCr3C2).
In the framework of the scope and the expected impact of the call the following objectives have been identified
•Optimize the production route of innovative nanostructured cermets powders for thermal spraying with improved wear resistance and corrosion inhibition
•Optimize the thermal spraying process by HVOF and extend spraying procedures to other methods as CGS and HVAF
•Increase the robustness and repeatability of the industrial processes of powder production plant able to deliver up to 50tons/year of nanostructured powder
•Qualification of the pilot production route for the application of the coating on components for pulp and paper , food processing, mechanical industries with massive cost saving up to 60%
•Commercial proposition of coatings and materials to early adopters industrial customer
The BoosT exploitation and business targets are to: 
- replace WCCoCr products occupying the related market segments
- acquire by 2022 20 early costumers to sale about 30-40 tons of BoosT series powders
- acquire by 2025 at least 75-100 costumers globally.

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