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Valuing and Communicating Multiple Benefits of Energy-Efficiency Measures

Project description

Promoting multiple benefits of energy efficiency in companies

The industrial and service sectors account for 40 % of final energy consumption in the EU. Research indicates that these sectors have significant potential for cost-effective energy savings. However, companies often fail to recognise the role of energy use in enhancing their competitive advantage and thus overlook investments in energy efficiency. Despite this, there are several observed multiple benefits of energy efficiency that can provide substantial core business advantages for companies. The EU-funded M-Benefits project aims to promote the multiple benefits of energy efficiency in companies’ investment decisions and foster the development of cost-effective energy-saving potentials. This project will provide exemplary cases, tools and training, gather data, and develop case studies specifically tailored for the industrial and service sectors.


Research suggests that the industrial and service sectors, which account for 40% of final energy consumption in the EU, offer substantial potential for cost-effective energy savings. However, an under-investment in energy-efficiency—an “energy-efficiency gap”—is observed in all countries due to the persistent existence of barriers. One key barrier is that companies do not consider energy use as a contributor to their competitive advantage. As a result, investments in energy efficiency are neglected compared to other investments. On the other hand, many frequently observed multiple benefits (MBs) of energy efficiency– such as improved product quality, higher flexibility, reduced production time, reduced production loss, increased safety, reduced operational, commercial, legal or climate change risks - represent important core business benefits for companies. Thus, MBs enhance both the strategic character and financial attractiveness of energy efficiency projects in companies.
M-BENEFITS aims at including the MBs of energy efficiency in investment decisions of companies and thereby substantially increasing the deployment of cost-effective energy saving potentials. It contributes to the work programme by delivering best-practice examples, tools and trainings on the importance of MBs for investment decisions in companies, thereby addressing all relevant decision-makers.
-create a harmonised approach to include the MBs of energy efficiency in investment decisions of companies,
-collect data and develop case studies throughout the industrial and service sectors to build-up evidence base and know-how on the importance of MBs for companies,
-develop evaluation, communication and training tools for companies to identify and quantify MBs in energy efficiency projects and to communicate them in energy, operational and strategic terms,
-provide tailor-made ways for trainings inside and outside the company and for communication on MBs to relevant stakeholders.

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