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SySTEM 2020: Connecting Science Learning Outside The Classroom


Events (a)

Update to REA on significant events (conferences, seminars, workshops) organised by the Consortium

Common evaluation framework

This report describes the evaluation assessment framework as well as the foreseen methods to assess the various project aspects. It will also include a set of potential indicators and report on first formative evaluation results.

Conceptual Framework/White Paper

A conceptual framework for researching science learning outside the classroom, and its connection to formal education. The framework, incorporating existing research in the field, will provide references for the mapping of out-of-school time science education offerings as well as the design and evaluation of instances of informal learning.

Report on Parameters for Survey Recruitment

Report on definition of parameters for recruitment, and focus group and participant identification in 19 locations.

Report on Co-Design Sessions

Report on co-design sessions: methodologies used, challenges identified, solutions and prototypes generated

Inception Report

The Inception Report will also contain a detailed report on the activities of the kick-off meeting, and will serve as an introductory handbook for the project, to be shared widely through communication channels established in WP7.

Map of User Requirements and Mapping Parameters

This report will contain the parameters for data entries to the online map of non-formal STEAM initiatives in Europe, generated by all partners.

Data Management Plan

This deliverable describes internal quality assurance and communication procedures and will also include an open data management plan, which will be aligned with RRI guidelines

Published Online Map

An online map of Europe will be created, that is aimed at collecting and displaying out-of-school science learning initiatives and generating a dataset that will be used for quantitative analysis of existing initiatives.

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Co-creation and co-design in technology enhanced learning: Innovating science learning outside the classroom

Author(s): Eva Durall, Merja Bauters, Iida Hietala, Teemu Leinonen, Evangelos Kapros
Published in: Interaction Design and Architecture(s) Journal - IxD&A, Issue N.42, 2019, 2019, Page(s) 202 - 226, ISSN 2283-2998