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BRiDGE – Bridge for Researchers in Danger Going to Europe


BRiDGE – Bridge for Researchers in Danger Going to Europe

enhances the support of 220 refugee researchers (RR) during the 24 project months, with special attention paid to early and late stage post doc researchers and professors of all ages, especially those located in Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. The case-to-case support focuses on career development advisory services, training, and academic and non-academic mentoring for the RRs. The project transfers the given knowledge and experience to the EURAXESS network, the largest relevant network in Europe.

BRiDGE one: From South East Europe to its heart gives an all-in-one solution for the localized guidance of RRs in the European Research Area (ERA) and enables its 40 EURAXESS country members in the ERA to seize the unique chance they have to identify and utilise the potential of RRs across Europe.

BRiDGE two: From displaced to integrated guides the overall 220 RRs in the restarting of their career, and provides instructive and motivating materials to academic and non-academic mentors, mainly in form of a handbook (vlog), including 12 testimonies of RRs.

BRiDGE three: From asylum to research involves and supports 200 academic mentors for RRs, trains 30 of the latter along with 90 RRs to be orientated within the ERA and use the provided resources.

BRiDGE four: From individual cases to systematic policy recommendations promotes the best practices in the EURAXESS network through trainings and activities, and forms a network and pool of experts visible on the EURAXESS Science4Refugees site. BRiDGE also stands for a strengthened quality assurance method.

BRiDGE enables RRs in conclusion to establish relationships with potential colleagues and supervisors, to improve their own situation, skills and experience, and to estimate their professional perspectives, and therefore, tackles the core challenges for integration in a new productive environment and inclusion into the European societies.

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