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Catalytic Csp3-H functionalization via carbene insertion meets sustainability: Developing an unprecedented Iron methodology


Proposed to break new ground quickly and to establish new frontiers in cutting-edge Csp3-H functionalization chemistry, this proposal focuses on the development and exploitation of iron catalysed carbene transfer towards saturated hydrocarbons, a vast and low cost feedstock for the synthesis of more valuable chemicals. By rational design and evaluation of low toxicity and low cost iron complexes equipped with different electronic and steric properties, new environmental benign and sustainable catalytic strategies will be instilled into this promising synthetic methodology. Extending beyond the confines of traditional precious metals catalysed carbene transference, new non-hazardous sources for these fragments, compared with the currently employed diazocompounds, will be designed and refined in sulfur ylide compounds and zinc carbenoid reagents. The project will benefit from the accumulated wealth of experience of the candidate Dr. Hernán-Gómez in synthesis, characterization and kinetic studies of highly reactive organometallic reagents, spanning from transition metals to main group elements. This will offer valuable mechanistic insights into the investigated processes, including unequivocal identification of the catalytic active species, key aspects to progress the proposed project. Additionally, through collaboration with supervisor Prof. Costas, an internationally recognised leader in the chemistry of iron compounds applied to organic synthesis, Dr. Hernán-Gómez will be provided with the required support to successfully push forwards the frontiers of the proposed research line in the field of iron chemistry, a stepping stone towards achieving a senior academic position.


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