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Investigation and Monitoring of Time-varying Environments on Macro and Nano Scales


The ultimate goal of my research is to develop novel approaches to detect dynamical changes in cluttered time-dependent electromagnetic environments. Theoretical and experimental methods will be applied on a range of highly important problems, including radar tracking and optical imaging of complex processes on micro and nano scales. Nowadays demands, set by increasing complexity of systems under study, challenges applicability of existent solutions, opening a room of opportunities for multidisciplinary rewarding research. Scalability of Maxell’s equations with respect to frequency and classical-quantum correspondence principles suggest developing a broad range of dynamical phenomena by applying multidisciplinary concepts, as my team has recently demonstrated. Radio detection of macroscopic objects (e.g. airborne targets) and optical imaging of conformational changes in colloids (e.g. bio-chemical activities), being representative examples on a very diverse size scales, share similar underlining physics and engineering principles for their analysis. This multidisciplinary research considers the phenomena on macro, micro and nano scales, utilizing classical and quantum properties of electromagnetic radiation and light for achieving superior performances in detection beyond existing capabilities. Radio detection will be performed via mapping internal mechanical properties of a target, enabling attributing a unique signature in a clutter. The novel concept of ‘swimming antennas’, driven by holographic optical tweezers, will be developed for optical mapping of micro and nano scale motion. Slow decaying luminescent tags, conjugated with antennas, will allow monitoring a motion beyond the diffraction limit by considering quantum properties of light.
Fundamental study and exploration of mechanical motion impact on photonic and electromagnetic applications, including tracking in a clutter, classical and quantum imaging and sensing is the core objective of the Proposal.

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