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FoodiniPro: the connected 3D Food Printer appliance for every kitchen


The global smart kitchen market is expected to exceed $7 billion by 2020, and there is an increasing demand for easy and fast processing devices allowing the personalized preparation of healthier meals while achieving food waste reduction. Common kitchen appliances such as microwaves and regular ovens can only heat, while the capabilities of other blenders and food processors are mainly limited to combining ingredients. In order to give an answer to this demand, Natural Machines (NM) aims to develop FOODINIPRO, the first connected 3D printer that can use fresh ingredients for PRINTING & COOKING savoury and sweet foods. FOODINIPRO is a new product addressed to a B2C market, its ambition is to become the standard 3D Food Printer appliance for every home kitchen. For this reason, the main objectives of the project are:

• To upgrade current prototypes by integrating an innovative cooking system and improved artificial vision capabilities
• To validate FOODINIPRO through pilot tests with representative groups of users from at least 3 target market segments (people with special dietary needs, early adopters of technology and regular home users)
• To complete the required certification process for target markets (EU, USA, Asia)
• To upscale and adapt current manufacturing process to prepare mass-production • To develop a deep commercial plan to bring FOODINIPRO to the B2C market and meet sales targets
• To establish alliances with online sales channels and kitchen appliance brands
• To find a solution to scale-up the customer service and be ready for commercialization Considering the huge potential of its new product, NM’s target is to reach a 90% market penetration in 5 years. This great business opportunity will allow the company to grow in revenues (150M€ forecasted in 2020), staff (75 employees in 2020) and become the undisputed leader of the market.

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