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Novel Personalized Cellular Therapy Approach for Immune Diseases


This project will commercialise TLA Gut - the novel medical device for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). IBD belongs to the group of Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMIDs) caused and maintained by an exaggerated inflammatory response triggered by an imbalance of the immune system. Research at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden has shown that IMIDs are caused by increase in specific inflammatory cells, which migrate to the site of inflammation by chemotaxis and induce disease-causing inflammation through release of cytokines in tissues. TLA Gut is a globally unique technology, and the first medical device with a proven clinical efficacy in removing those disease-causing cells from the blood of the patient through therapeutic leukapheresis. Today, the development and commercialisation of new therapies for IBD is in great demand among clinicians and their patients as current treatments offer an overall long-term remission rate of only 50-60% and carry the risk of life-threatening side effects. There exists a strong business opportunity for a therapy that would create a new and personalized way to treat IBD. TLA Gut is positioned to satiate this demand. To date, TLA Gut in vivo proof of concept has been established in a Phase I/II clinical trial on IBD patients in Stockholm. In the project, the Phase III study will be performed together with regulatory development work required to get market access upon completion of the project. IBD poses a significant socio-economic burden internationally. In Europe, a direct healthcare cost of IBD is estimated to € 4.6–5.6 billion per year. Once introduced in the clinical praxis across the EU, TLA Gut will be a safe and cost-efficient treatment option for IBD patients. The overall business strategy of TLA is aligned to close the remaining clinical and regulatory gap to the market for TLA Gut and commercialise the medical device. The project is the key enabler of this strategy.

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