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Ocular Research By Integrated Training And Learning

Project description

A multidisciplinary global training network is focusing on new treatments for eye disease

Visual information helps us to perform daily tasks, stay out of harm's way and recognise the face of an old friend in a crowd. The posterior segment of the eye is the region responsible for turning impinging light into electrical signals and is also the site of debilitating diseases like macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. ORBITAL has formed a consortium of 22 academic, clinical and industrial partners to train a new cohort of scientists in cross-disciplinary fields ranging from materials science to drug discovery. Cross-fertilisation should plant the seeds for advanced treatments of posterior segment ocular disease that accounts for more than half of the ocular conditions.


Diseases of the posterior segment of the eye are increasing considerably, partly due to an ageing population
(almost 20% of the population of Europe now over 65). Despite accounting for approximately 55% of ocular conditions,
only 5% of ocular product sales target the posterior segment due to the technical difficulties in developing safe, effective
and easy-to-use formulations. Age-related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic retinopathy are some of the main cause
of blindness and severe impairment of vision in patients. These diseases represent a considerable burden on
patients and healthcare systems throughout the world. ORBITAL has the primary objective of recruiting excellent early
stage researchers (ESRs) and developing the next generation of research leaders and drivers. There is a clear unmet
clinical need for efficient, safe, non-invasive and patient-friendly strategies for the treatment of prevalent diseases of
the posterior segment of the eye. With a necessary collaborative network of European and global experts, from
academic, clinical and industrial sectors, ESRs will be exposed to an integrated and complementary network of
expertise in materials science, nanotechnology, animal modeling, enhanced in-vitro testing, analytical chemistry and
drug discovery. ORBITAL will build an intersectoral consortium with extensive experience in generating innovative technologies and training new researchers. ESRs will be exposed to a broad scientific landscape of complementary
disciplines. With the combined skills and knowledge of the consortium, ESRs will be provided with the network, skills
and knowledge to develop their careers while the extensive mobility of researchers will lead to increased knowledge
transfer and collaborative research


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