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City Air Remote Emission Sensing

Risultati finali

Measurement technology intercomparison and evaluation report

This deliverable a public report will present the results from the validation controlled testing and assess the appropriateness of the different approaches for robustly detecting different emission issues such as DPF removal SCRemulators etc and to consider the benefits of the different techniques to address particular applications as outlined in section 13 The report will also specifically assess the best approaches for measuring PMPN for different applications and evaluate the Chinese RES technologies to provide a muchneeded comparison between European and Chinese approaches for the nonintrusive measurement of vehicle exhaust to facilitate a better understanding of any differences in outcomes The report will summarize the scientific and technical merits or otherwise of the different techniques and their potential for addressing relevant KPIs adopted in the CARES project

Monitoring of vehicle tampering report

This deliverable is a separate report focusing on how the CARES measurement approaches can specifically be used to detect and quantify vehicle emission tampering complementing deliverable D11

Summary document on Milan measurement campaign

Raw remote emission sensing and vehicle information data from at least 100000 records vehicle passages from remote emission sensing measurements vertical topdown onto road carried out in the City of Milan and a public report summarizing the key results of the measurements after integrating and processing the data

Initial project brochure

A brochure presenting the aim, scope, expected impact and committed stakeholders of the project for widespread dissemination during the first ~two years of the project.

CARES project public website launched

The CARES project website will act as an open-access repository for all publications produced as part of the project and to refer to them via social media and other outreach activities.

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