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The Game Changer of Physiotherapy towards Arthrosis Prevention

Project description

Smart self-learning technology for knee injury rehabilitation

Millions of knee injuries that require extensive physiotherapy and/or surgery are registered each year. The core business of French e-health company SmartR is the development of technologies for the recovery of patients with knee injuries. The latest product is a smart knee brace involving self-learning technology that is linked to a mobile application, supporting the rehabilitation process and preventing relapses during treatment. The self-learning algorithms enable speedy feedback from physiotherapists. Data collection will remain under patient control, and healthcare providers will receive dynamic information accumulated throughout the recovery period. The EU-funded PANDA project will perform the technical, commercial and financial feasibility studies to support product development.


SmartR is a French e-health company that uses cutting-edge technologies to provide advanced solutions for the management of functional rehabilitation over the world. PANDA project started in October of 2016 with the aim to allow rehab patients to access to personalized support, close to that of professional sportsmen without constraint, for a fraction of the current price of rehab. PANDA will benefit the entire healthcare system, loweing costs for public and private insurances by 70%. Our core business is to ensure a quality recovery of patients during knee rehab in optimal conditions, for both patients and professionals (e.g. physiotherapists). Our product comes to devise an intelligent system that assist patients in rehab, providing them increased autonomy, and to accelerate recovery from knee disorders by 30%. The project has started in touch with physiotherapists and sport doctors, transmitting us their demands for more effective rehab treatment, and what patients need to better and faster recovery from functional disorders. We believe joint with collaborating doctors' support the optimized version of our system will potentially will upgraded towards Arthrosis prevention. For the present scope, e aim to reach the physiotherapy and knee rehab market which, in Europe, it is estimated that 40M patients undergoing knee rehab programs each year (400,000 patients in France, with 80,000 physiotherapists). As patients represent a greater share of the market than healthcare professionals, we will aim to reach patients through various channels, establishing commercial agreements with health insurance companies and pharmacies to offer our product; also, through physiotherapists and specialized rehab clinics – also considered end-users of PANDA – to recommend our product. Accordingly, we are expecting, in a 5-year period of PANDA commercialization in Europe and overseas, to generate €17.1M revenues and €12.2 profit, and ROI of 3.1.

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