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Innovative solution for FMS computed trajectories validation by means of pilot actions emulation, comparison with PANS-OPS criteria and data mining techniques.


This proposal combines the skills of CGX AERO in procedure design, cartography and aeronautical software development with the expertise of SCALIAN EUROGICIEL in big data and data mining techniques to set up an innovative platform for a new philosophy of FMS trajectories validation.

The consortium proposes to address first a larger scale of trajectories testing by gathering reference trajectories, directly issued from procedure designers and validated by the customers as well as providing scripts emulating pilot actions (virtual crew module), resulting in the generation of a large number of computed trajectories. CGX AERO's expertise in procedure design will allow finding out the right moments during the flight and the right places along the flight procedures where to insert the perfect and unexpected/imperfect actions from the crew, to obtain the most relevant panel of trajectories.

To address the comparison between a FMS computed trajectory and a theoretical trajectory, a set of algorithms based on procedure Ground Validation (data integrity, business rules verification, ARINC 424 coding rules, 4D simulation, obstacle assessment) and on-the-fly computation of PANS-OPS Protection Areas will be defined. This will ensure finding the correct threshold beyond which an outlier comes from a procedure design issue instead of a FMS computation issue.

SCALIAN EUROGICIEL's expertise in big data and data mining techniques will allow setting up a data warehouse, with data analytics tools in order to run and store the results of the millions of trajectory comparisons that will be performed.

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CS2-IA - Innovation action


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