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Connecting digital mobility assessment to clinical outcomes for regulatory and clinical endorsement


First study subject approvals

Final version of study protocol as approved by first ethics committee; registration number of clinical study in an approved registry that also allows later posting of study results; approvals required for enrolment of first subject in at least one clinical centre

Risk assessment process and management procedure

Description of the methodology for project risk assessment and categorisation, including a risk management process

Detailed system requirements specification, including definition of data acquisition, transmission, integration, processing, analytics and governance requirements

This report will incorporate detailed system requirements specification for the data management platform. This will include definition of data acquisition, transmission, integration, processing, analytics and governance requirements

Ethical approval including all amendments

Ethical approval will be prepared during the first year and will include the experience of the WP 2 technical validation. The process will be finalized based on the results of WP2. Each site will submit the ethical protocol including the national requirments.

Report on publications, presentations, and event organisation (M12, with annual updates)

This deliverable is based on work carried out in Tasks 7.3 and 7.4, and details the publications, presentations and event organisations throughout the first year of the project, with subsequent annual updates. The report will be based on a database containing all outreach activities carried out by the consortium members.

Statistical description report on digital mobility outcomes, health outcomes and their relationships

We will study the statistical distribution of digital mobility outcomes, clinical outcomes and the shape of their relationships, using standard and hypothesis-free statistical analyses and existing cohort data

Data Management Plan V1

Inititial version of the data management plan


Inertial sensor-based gait parameters reflect patient-reported fatigue in multiple sclerosis

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Is a Wearable Sensor-Based Characterisation of Gait Robust Enough to Overcome Differences Between Measurement Protocols? A Multi-Centric Pragmatic Study in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

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A Roadmap to Inform Development, Validation and Approval of Digital Mobility Outcomes: The Mobilise-D Approach

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Sensor-Based and Patient-Based Assessment of Daily-Living Physical Activity in People with Parkinson’s Disease: Do Motor Subtypes Play a Role?

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A Multifactorial Model of Multiple Sclerosis Gait and its Changes Across Different Disability Levels

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Accuracy of the Orientation Estimate Obtained Using Four Sensor Fusion Filters Applied to Recordings of Magneto-Inertial Sensors Moving at Three Rotation Rates

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