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Smart Inceptor BACKup electronics

Project description

Redundant power supply to an advanced active stick keeps pilots ‘feeling their way’

As aircraft become more and more complex and the demands on pilots increase, technologies that help reduce the pilot’s workload are not only desirable but potentially critical to aircraft safety. Pilots use sticks to control the movement of an aircraft. Active inceptor – or active stick – technology relies on sensors embedded in the stick to provide feedback to the pilot reflecting the aircraft’s state, something that is possible in small aircraft but is largely lost in larger planes. The EU-funded SIBACK project is optimising the backup electronics unit including power supply and control technologies to advance smart active inceptors.


"SIBACK stands for ""Smart Inceptor BACKup electronics""
The aim of the project is to develop a backup electronic unit (Analogue or Digital) to provide Active Inceptor with a configurable feel force. The goal is to drive electrical motor with simplified laws compared to nominal behaviour.
This development is necessary because the Smart Active Inceptor will go to Flight Tests on NGCTR IADP in order to reach TRL 6, and will need a backup Inceptor Control Unit (BICU), defined by a dissimilar electronic architecture, to support Safety of Flight requirements.


Net EU contribution
€ 634 407,50
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 274 733,75

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