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Composite tooling for business jet lower wing stiffened panel manufacturing

Project description

A new tool will improve the manufacturing of composite lower wing structures for business jets

Aircraft manufacturing requires the production of very large components, in turn requiring large and complex tools and moulds. Modern aircraft wings are made from thin-walled composite panels that include integrated stiffeners to support the wing and prevent buckling as well as to transfer the aerodynamic load appropriately. The EU-funded COMBUSS project is developing the specialised tooling needed to manufacture the stiffeners and panel of the lower wing structure of business jets. The team is targeting eco-design and simplified manufacturing processes that will lead to a reduction in cost, energy consumption and production time.


The aim of the COMBUSS project is to develop, design, manufacture and deliver to the Topic Manager facilities, all the prototype subcomponent manufacturing tooling needed to manufacture the stiffeners and panel of lower wing (including all auxiliary tools). COMBUSS project will design the tooling system which will incorporate self-heated capability with multiple heating zones and advanced thermal management.

The activities will start with the provision of definitions and specifications by the Topic Manager (TM). The mould materials will be optimised for long life and improved productivity. It will feature built-in quality assurance tools to guarantee reliable processing of the selected material systems according to technical specifications. After the TM’s approval of the design, the tool will be fabricated, checked for conformance with the specification, transported to the TM premises and commissioned. The partners will provide full documentation on the tooling system and its use and will support the TM with the demonstrator fabrication.

The COMBUSS system, as the main output of the project, will be realized in line with the “most innovative expectations” of the call, as it will present a comprehensive tooling solution for improved cost (tooling materials and manufacturing method), eco-design (out-of-autoclave processing, low thermal mass and easy modification of tooling, waste reduction in process), energy savings (self-heating and multi-zone configuration of tooling), manufacturing process simplification (robust process thermal control), production time savings (faster heating rates, cure process optimization) and Aeronautical quality standards (on-line quality control) in composites manufacturing. The COMBUSS system is intended to be used directly at the flight-worthy demonstrator at the Topic Manager premises as a first step of the system exploitation.


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