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Periodo di rendicontazione: 2019-06-01 al 2020-05-31

We are witnessing a technology race against cyber criminals to keep IoT systems and their users safe.The most vulnerable targets include smart cars, homes, production plants, cities and their infrastructure. New technologies, with the Internet of Things in the avantgarde, are exponentially increasing the number of the weak points and targets for cyber-attacks. Phishing and social engineering attacks targeting user credentials are equal to 80% of all cyber-threats. Passwords and credentials are also being used by users and devices in IoT networks.
Hijacking of the connected car by cybersecurity experts within one research project with use of stolen credentials clearly showed connected cars’ vulnerabilities. It demonstrated how such an event could be a danger to the car, the driver himself and also to city traffic and other people, if potentially used for a terrorist attack. Smart cars are also vulnerable to cloning and relay attacks that allow thieves to steal a car with the use of a laptop and a hardware that can be easily and legally purchased online.
Hackers can gain access to a smart building network through unsecured IoT devices such as light-bulb. It is again a problem of using credentials: users’ but also devices’.
Also, cities are introducing “smart systems” to better manage various operations that include surveillance, security and rescue services, traffic and public transportation management, lighting, energy and utility services. As the vast majority of the simple end-point devices are unable to run encryption algorithms or cybersecurity tools, they are left unsecured and may already be presenting a serious risk to IoT systems and consequently to entire cities and their populations.

ELIoT Pro is designed to provide a solution to above described threats as a complete, end-to-end solution addressing Cybercrime issues and satisfying Cybersecurity Compliance requirements for IoT networks.
ELIoT Pro’s Human-to-Machine authentication component eliminates the problem of stolen passwords or any other static credentials. Addressing Machine-to-Machine secure authentication and encrypted communication problem, ELIoT Pro’s Lightweight Encryption provides a solution removing the use of password or any type of static credentials also in Machine-to-Machine communication.
ELIoT Pro provides an equally high level of security to all types of IoT devices regardless of their memory/computational power limits.
ELIoT Pro also provides device and network performance monitoring and anomaly detection with use of a Rules Engine. This component is a data analytics element which is responsible for monitoring the performance of single devices as well as of the entire network, predictive maintenance, servicing scheduling, malfunction detection and alerts.

The objectives are:
• to create a universal cybersecurity system providing strong user authentication,
• protection of devices and an entire IoT network in the form of a password-free and credential-free authentication between connected devices,
• to provide Lightweight Encryption that can encrypt communication between all types of IoT devices regardless of their computational capabilities, size of memory or energy consumption,
• to provide security to users of the IoT devices and networks by a behavior and performance monitoring system that is able to detect devices’ and systems’ malfunctions and anomalies.
Throughout the project the ELIoT Pro system has been developed and integrated with various technologies. It consists of:
a) Cyberus Key – based Human-to-Machine password-less, multifactor user authentication and operation confirmation,
b) Machine-to-Machine secure communications and device-device authentication supported with the Lightweight Encryption,
c) Rues Engine and Flight Envelope to manage and monitor the behaviour of the IoT devices
d) Marketplace – a self-healing and predictive maintenance tool.
One of the main achievements of the project was a development, implementation of the Lightweight Encryption. Lightweight Encryption has been tested to successfully encrypt and decrypt video signal from the IP based smart cameras and successfully integrated and tested with use of the BLE and LoRa communication protocols.

ELIoT Pro mobile apps for iOS and Android had been developed and released to provide Human to Machine authentication. It had been integrated with the IoT voice-controlled environments on the example of Amazon’s Alexa Dot smart-speaker IoT hub. ELIoT Pro mobile app had been extended to provide secure, password-less user authentication and access for the smart cars environments and to enable login to the smart car’s internal VPNs. One of the examples included Tesla open API.

Mobile app had been also extended to provide one-device user login, deployment and provisioning of the IoT devices in the field.
ELIoT Pro had also been tested and demonstrated its resilience to the most critical attacks at the IoT systems: Denial of Service, cloning, Man in the Middle attacks. In automotive sector had proven to mitigate or be resilient to Cloning, Keyless Jamming, Signal Relay, Signal Amplification Relay attacks.
ELIoT Pro is so far the most comprehensive, end-to-end cybersecurity solution for IoT networks. No other system provides simultaneous protection of users, devices and data. The unique approach of ELIoT Pro eliminates passwords and static credentials providing secure and easy authentication in Human-to-Machine and Machine-to-Machine communication. ELIoT Pro provides a cutting-edge Lightweight Encryption algorithm that is uniquely designed to encrypt data transferred between all kinds of IoT devices. It showed its advantages over such solutions as AES 128 and AES 256, Public Key Infrastructure. Lightweight Encryption had also proved its unique ability of operating with significantly lower computation, memory and energy consumption requirements. It has proven to provide security with different communication protocols including BLE and LoRa. ELIoT Pro is the only system to provide crucial performance data of IoT devices and networks to all the stakeholders with the use of its Rules Engine. Its concept of the Marketplace connecting IoT Device vendors and IoT System Owners providing very valuable data of the IoT Devices an networks real performance data will have a significant impact on the security, maintenance, servicing, performance but also on the effectiveness of the IoT networks creating new business models and types of relationships between manufacturers, vendors and users.
The capabilities of the ELIoT Pro mobile app make the system to be a perfect solution for many Shared Economy applications.
ELIoT Pro is providing an as yet unseen level of security in IoT networks, regardless of their type and industry. It is a solution for smart homes, cars, factories and cities – preventing not only regular cyber-crimes targeted at data or identity theft but also against potential acts of terror made possible by the proliferation of IoT.
ELIoT Pro provides technology features that are exactly in line with the most recent and projected legislative initiatives designed to implement cybersecurity requirements for IoT systems, both in Europe and in the US. Among them are: EU Cybersecurity Act – ENISA(EU); S.B.327 - Security of Connected Devices (US); Content of Premarket Submissions for Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices (US); Code of Practice for Consumer IoT Security (UK).
ELIoT Pro’s Human-to-Machine user authentication component using a smartphone as a universal key
Typical authentication session with Amazon’s Alexa Dot
Remote user authentication to the IoT system's web based interfaces and mobile app
ELIoT Pro provides a secure, noise resilient user authentication system for Smart Speaker based IoT
ELIoT Pro’s Rules Engine and Flight Envelope functionalities
ELIoT Pro logo