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Widening EU-CELAC policy and research cooperation in Personalised Medicine

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International cooperation in strengthening personalised medicine policies

Personalised medicine (PM) is an emerging approach to disease prevention and treatment that considers the variability in the genetic, environmental and lifestyle makeup of each individual. PM will benefit patients, healthcare systems and healthcare industries as a whole. The patients can get better treatment in terms of improved efficacy and safety via better-targeted therapies and disease intervention. The healthcare systems can benefit from improved diagnoses and more efficient allocation of healthcare resources, preventing or delaying more expensive treatments. The EU-funded EULAC-PerMed project will create the International Consortium on Personalised Medicine for Latin American and Caribbean states, widening the scope of PM research- and innovation-related policies.


In order to strengthen the global efforts on Personalized Medicine (PerMed) and the cooperation of the EU-CELAC countries to them, a unique Bi-regional consortium of governmental and funding organisations is shaped with the support of leading stakeholders as associated partners. This project has the ambition to engage CELAC countries in the International Consortium on Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed) and in the ERANet ERAPerMed with the aim at advancing in the implementation of the Action Plan of ICPerMed based in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, drafted by PerMed2020.

Research on PerMed is a top priority for the EU as a strategy aimed at delivering personalised health and care solutions to benefit citizens. Results of R&I actions will generate and translate knowledge on disease aetiology and technological innovation into personalised health and care solutions. Areas of application include chronic, rare and communicable diseases. Research under this priority will also attempt to develop an outstanding economic impact due to the potential of PerMed to transform health systems.

The collaboration of diverse actors from different world regions, disciplines and health-care systems are needed to implement in a holistic way new feasible and cost-effective PerMed approaches. Involvement in ICPerMed of RFOs and policy-making bodies from EU and from other regions, is the best way to push forward the impact of new findings and knowledge in the area.

This CSA will be the vehicle for: i) Mapping existing programmes, capacities and expertise and gaps in CELAC countries; ii) Facilitating the incorporation of CELAC countries in ICPerMed and in the ERAPerMed; iii) Fostering the participation of CELAC countries in research mobility and transnational projects on PerMed, and a platform for EU‐CELAC collaboration on clinical trials PerMed focused; iv) Cross-border learning from R&I and ELSA for implementing innovations between research capacities based in EU and CELAC.

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