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Think tank for the collaboration on NEXt generation internet between EU-US

Project description

A pathfinder towards the future of connected humanity

Next Generation Internet (NGI) offers new functionalities to support people’s needs and to address global sustainability challenges. It aims to shape the future internet as an interoperable platform ecosystem that embodies Europe’s values of openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation and data protection. On a global level, the success of NGI hinges on worldwide consensus. Working in this direction, the EU-funded Think NEXUS project aims to reinforce EU-United States collaboration by involving researchers, entrepreneurs and policymakers from both sides of the Atlantic. Its mission is to engage stakeholders and disseminate NGI’s visions.


The Internet of the future should be more open, provide better services, more intelligence, greater involvement and participation. It needs to reflect the European values”. EU’s Next Generation Internet initiative is a key opportunity to rethink the way the Internet works today and develop a vision involving voices from across Europe, the US, and beyond, an Internet that embodies the values Europe holds dear, such as openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy and cooperation. Thinking global, the NGI will be successful only if a worldwide consensus is found, enabling the internet a Human-centric process.

To that end, collaboration between the US and the US, both area being strongly committed to develop the future of Internet, to shape a sustainable landscape for NGI developments. Indeed, the NGI initiative should design specific actions for policy collaboration, shared technology development and interaction between user-communities, with other initiatives in the world where parts of the NGI infrastructure are designed and deployed; and the US are one of the main places where such activities are held.

Think NEXUS aims to reinforce EU-US collaboration, through its dedicated Think Tank, involving major stakeholders (researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers) from both sides of the Atlantic on NGI-related thematics in three Focus Areas: Science and Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Policy.

Its mission is to become an important and lasting entity, involving stakeholders and disseminating NGI visions in a collaborative approach for tackling NGI challenges, and benefit society at large. More specifically, Think NEXUS is expected to boost the strategic research, industrial partnerships and policy compliances among the respective communities of the NGI areas and thus, result in substantial socio-economic benefits in both the EU and US regions.

Think NEXUS will be the pathfinder towards the future of the connected Humanity.

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