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Shift2Rail IP4 enabling Mobility as a Service and seamless passenger experience

Project description

Uptake of MaaS schemes

Cities across Europe face the same problem: too many cars are trying to occupy too little space on the road. The problem will become more widespread if alternatives to ease the gridlock are not found. The EU-funded Shift2MaaS project seeks to increase the uptake of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms. In collaboration with other Shift2Rail projects (which promote competitiveness of the European rail industry), the project will support IP4 technology (IT solutions for attractive railway services). Shift2MaaS co-designs and validates scenarios for the deployment of Shift2Rail IP4 solutions, organises their demonstrations in three European sites and assesses their impact focusing on regulatory and behavioural aspects.


In a fast moving environment, access to information about options for travel that is instant, easy to use, attractive to customers, and authoritative is vital. Therefore a one-stop-mobility shop, acting as a personal mobility assistant, is the key to offer citizens an alternative that challenges car ownership. New technologies can play a crucial role for a large scale and stable business operation of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) at a global level. Interoperability Framework, Travel Shopping, Booking and Ticketing, Validation, Payment and Trip Tracking are technologies developed within Shift2Rail IP4 to meet the engineering challenges associated with leveraging current actions on establishing open-data policies and data exchange standardization. Given this, the main goal of Shift2MaaS is to support the uptake of the IP4 technology and overcome the technical and non-technical barriers for the adoption of new integrated mobility platforms. Shift2MaaS aims to support the introduction of Shift2Rail IP4 technology within the MaaS context by analysing the needs in terms of technology enablers of the different stakeholders involved, and demonstrating the benefits of IP4 through pilot demonstrators of collective and shared mobility services and the seamless passenger experience. To this end, Shift2MaaS will co-design and validate advanced use-cases for the deployment and implementation of COHESIVE solutions. The Shift2MaaS impact is validated and assessed in three European sites, all strongly engaged in the intermodality and MaaS domain, and setting specific actions on existing or new MaaS schemes. Shift2MaaS thus builds on and adds to previous projects by makes the connection to real environments. Shift2MaaS will also analyse regulatory and behavioural aspects of the IP4 multimodal transport services market place on business logics, on the creation of new business models and on the behavioural / demand response of passengers; contributing to an overall economic assessment.

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