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Research into enhanced track and switch and crossing system 2

Project description

Switching to better railway infrastructure

Switches and crossings (S&Cs), more commonly known as ‘turnouts’, are vital components in railway networks, allowing trains to switch between tracks. The EU-funded IN2TRACK2 project is working on three sub-projects related to S&C, track system, and bridge and tunnel infrastructure. As regards the S&C, it is devising a new system to boost railway performance. Researchers will also investigate track construction and study new methods for repairing and maintaining bridge and tunnel infrastructure. The project aims to reduce costs, increase safety, and improve railway transport in Europe for passengers – making rail a reliable, punctual and economical choice of transport.


The IN2TRACK2 proposal addresses the topic of “Research into optimised and future railway infrastructure” of the 2018 HORIZON 2020 SHIFT2RAIL Call for proposals for the Joint Undertaking Members (S2R-CFM-IP3-01-2018). IN2TRACK2 deals with rail infrastructure sub-system and covers all the works on Switch & Crossing (S&C), Track and Structures (Bridges and Tunnels) included in the SHIFT2RAIL Innovation Programme 3 (including the project IN2TRACK) and contributes to the full longer-term SHIFT2RAIL objectives. IN2TRACK2 represents the opportunity to choose some high-risk, innovative activities from the current SHIFT2RAIL work programme for development under intensive collaboration as the right path for success.
IN2TRACK2 aims to reduce lifecycle costs, improve reliability and punctuality, whilst increasing capacity, enhancing interoperability and improving the customer experience. The structure of the work plan is designed around the development of a certain number of well-focused technological innovations in several areas (S&C, Track and Structures), each and all together, will contribute to achieve the desired impact at the overall railway system level.
The IN2TRACK2 proposal is organised around three technical sub-projects, which are interconnected: S&C, Track and Structures. S&C activities aim at both improving the operational performance of existing S&C and providing radical new S&C system solutions that deliver a step-change in performance of the asset. The IN2TRACK2 Track activities aim at both exploring new track construction to optimise the today track system and improving the track system substantially to provide a step change in performance. The IN2TRACK 2 Bridges and Tunnels activities aim at improving methods and repair techniques to reduce costs, improve quality and extend the service life of structures. By enhancing S&C, Track and Structures, IN2TRACK2 contributes to all of the expected impacts identified in the Shift2Rail Annual Work Plan 2018.

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