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REvitalising tap WATER for reduced consumption of plastic water bottles


The vision of Retap is to shift the consumption of water away from plastic bottles into environmentally sustainable alternatives. To do this, Retap is developing a solution that is able to convert the consumption of tap-water into a personalised health and taste experience. The aim is to make this solution a wide-spread product, and thereby reduce the consumption of plastic bottles on a global scale.

Researchers and campaigners predict that the issue of plastic bottles is an environmental crisis as serious as climate change, as it pollutes every natural system and an increasing number of organisms throughout the planet. Therefore, the potential impacts of our Retap Pure solution are immense, as a switch away from plastic bottles to a tap-water based, environmentally sustainable solution would constitute a major leap forward in relation to solving one of the largest waste issues the world faces today.

In this SME Phase 1 project, we will assess the technical feasibility of developing fast-dissolving mineral compounds and in integrating the SuperiorOsmosis technology into a machine infrastructure of the projected size (16.5x24x30cm) and the economic feasibility of assessing the exact production price-point. The outcome of the Phase 1 feasibility study will be a more elaborate business plan, which will include all relevant aspects in relation to the viability of the concept.

Following a successful phase 1 feasibility assessment, we will pursue further investments and support, including from the SME Instrument Phase 2, in order to develop and market mature Retap Pure.

Retap is an award-winning Danish SME that since 2009 have developed solutions for replacing bottled water with environmentally sustainable solutions. Our primary product is the Retap Bottle, which is a durable glass-bottle designed for everyday usage and positioned to directly replace plastic bottles. In 2017, we reached a vital milestone of 2M sold glass bottles in total in 55 different countries.

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SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1


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€ 50 000,00

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L’organizzazione si è definita una PMI (piccola e media impresa) al momento della firma dell’accordo di sovvenzione.

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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