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Services to enhance the innovation amangement capacity of SMEs in Roamania macro-region 1

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - InnoCap Transylvania (Services to enhance the innovation amangement capacity of SMEs in Roamania macro-region 1)

Berichtszeitraum: 2019-01-01 bis 2019-12-31

The InnoCap Transylvania project aims to strengthen the capacity of SMEs with potential for innovation from Macro-region RO1 (Transylvania), Romania, to manage their key areas of intervention towards sustainable competitiveness. This project focuses attention on two direction: 1 - key accont managemnt services for SMEs Instrument beneficiaries and 2 - enhancing innovation management capacities services for innovatives SMEs in the region.

At the end of the project more than 30 SMES beneficiates directly from the InnoCap Transylvania from support either in terms of KAM services, either EIMS services.
During the implementation period there SME Instruments beneficiaries received KAM services in order to find out the more appropriate coach for their project implementation.
30 SMEs innovative companies in the region were assessed regarding in terms of innovation management capacities using an European tool provided by IMP3rove Academy.
Following the implementation program, all experts from the Consortium dealing with innovation services offered to the SMEs in the region achieved the indicators planned:
- 3 Key Account Management (KAM) packages services for SMEs Instrument beneficiaries;
- 30 Enhancing Innovation Management Capacities (EIMC) packages services for the innovative companies in the region.