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The extended EEN innovation support service for innovative SMEs in Serbia — EEN InnoS Journey

Project description

Increasing the innovation capacity of Serbian SMEs

SMEs represent 99 % of all companies in Serbia. They also account for about 60 % of employment and 50 % of value added. In addition, micro-firms provide 10 % of value added. Despite some progress, the innovative ability of Serbia remains below the average of the EU Member States. In this context, the EU-funded EEN InnoS Journey project will bridge the gap concerning knowledge, resources and skills to increase the innovation capacity of SMEs and contribute to the rapid growth of the Serbian economy. The project will focus on experience and knowledge sharing, training and consultation, while EEN could assist managers and entrepreneurs in all phases of the development of new products and services.


According to official data, 99.9% of the enterprises in Serbia are SMEs. SMEs in Serbia contribute a share of roughly 60% of employment and less than 50% of value added, compared with the respective EU averages of 67% and 57%. Micro-firms make a particularly small contribution, providing only 10% of value added, 11 percentage points lower than in the EU .
Regarding the movement of the total innovation index (SII-Summary Innovation Index), it can be concluded that the innovative performance of the Republic of Serbia indicates a certain increase, since SII for the Republic of Serbia in 2016 was 64,2 compared to 46,8 in 2010. Also, the innovative performance in Serbia is still below the average of EU-28 (102 for the same year). However, regarding SII index for the period of 2010–2016 in the neighbouring countries, it can be concluded that the situation in Serbia is more favourable compared to Bulgaria, Macedonia (FYROM), Romania and Croatia, but less favourable compared to Slovenia or Hungary .
Taking into account all this, the Enterprise Europe Network could play a crucial role in bridging the gaps of knowledge, resources and skills that could be essential for increasing the innovation capacity of SMEs, especially in experience and knowledge sharing, training and consultation EEN could provide assistance to managers and entrepreneurs in all phases of the development of new products and services, from concept to commercialization. The overall objective of EEN InnoS Journey is to increase Summary Innovation Index of Serbia providing services that will help to foster innovation and drive a fast growth of Serbian economy.


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