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PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport


State of the art of COTS technologies related suppliers, patents and IPRs

Report defining the state of the art of existing COTS, with evaluation and selection of appropriate COTS product, related market suppliers and commercial patents and IPRs.

Regulatory Component Report

This deliverable is a list, based on the initial set of 12 scenarios of the regulatory components together with recommendations regarding the legal aspects. It will be used to refine the list of 12 to 8 and then to 6 scenarios (WP3), and will also be included in the subsequent PCP procurement process (WP6). This deliverable particularly highlights the legal barriers to joint procurement, suitable IPRs arrangements, recommendations related to compliance with GDPR.

PREVENT dissemination and exploitation plan update

This deliverable provides the second issue of the overall dissemination and exploitation plan, integrating the lessons learnt and modifications decided after the first 9 months of operation.

PREVENT's UOG - final report

This deliverable, issued at M15, consolidates the lessons learnt from operating the UOG over 15 months. It will report on all 5 meetings of the UOG, as well as on the intermediate online interaction activities, and on the impact of the dissemination activities. It will include the future mechanisms for PREVENT’s community operations beyond the end of the project, and details the barriers, mitigation measures, incentives and major challenges for operating the PREVENT community.

Final project report

This deliverable represents a Final Public Report whose goal is to share the lessons learnt during PREVENT’s 15 months operations, including the list of methodologies and how they were adopted, the benefits and hurdles encountered during the project, recommendations for future similar initiatives of jointly elaborating critical security scenarios.

UOG Membership Handbook

This deliverable provides interested practitioners (and connected public buyers) with all the information they need to join the UOG. Updates can be provided during the lifetime of PREVENT.

Innovations and solutions roadmap report

Available as a report, multidimensional roadmap of solutions and innovations to address the Common Security Scenarios.

Training programme information flyer

This deliverable is the definition of the training programme information kit, promoted through WP2 both at UOG level and to the wider community. It includes the detailed planning, the registration information and the terms and conditions. The flyer will be prepared for electronic distribution and will not be printed.

PREVENT PCP Buyers Group

This deliverable presents the list of participating buyers group and associated practitioners.

PREVENT PCP documents

This deliverable contains the full set of documents that can be used to initiate a PCP tender, presented in the final PREVENT meeting.

UOG Community building and dissemination mid-term report

This deliverable reports on the membership of the UOG, on barriers and incentives detected during the outreach activity and on the two first meetings of the UOG. It also includes the report on the dissemination activities implemented through T2.4. The report will be used to implement measures to overcome barriers and adapt if needed PREVENT’s communication towards practitioners and public buyers. This adaptation will be described in the update deliverable D2.3

Threats and vulnerabilities taxonomy and supporting security audit methodology for public transport operators

This deliverable will detail the commonly agreed taxonomy to identify threats and vulnerabilities, and a related security audit methodology linked to the threats.

PREVENT Collaboration Governance Model

Defines the full list of processes including management of sensitive information, authentication for members and partners and security regulations applicable to PREVENT. These guidelines are for the full community. D1.2 is a living document that can be further updated during the lifetime of PREVENT as necessary.

Training kit

This deliverable contains the full information using during the training days. The information will be made available online through the collaboration portal and is used during the training sessions organised under T6.1.

Economic Component Report - final release

The second issue deliverable with a thorough analysis and comparison of the economic value of the 8 scenarios, along with recommendations for specifications and award criteria and methodology to be considered in the tender documentation of the subsequent PCP. The output of this deliverable will contribute to the final consolidation phase T3.4.

Technologies to address process and solution gaps

Report about technologies (including foreseen availability and maturity levels etc) to address process and solution gaps with regards security systems in public transport infrastructures.

Economic Component Report - initial release

The first issue deliverable with description of the economic model/tool that can be applied to each of the 8 scenarios in order to identify and further prioritise scenarios.

PREVENT dissemination and exploitation plan

This deliverable provides the first issue of the overall dissemination and exploitation plan.

Common Challenge Elaboration Report

The final deliverable of WP5 will define the Common Challenge, including the selection logic used by the practitioners to select the innovation or group of innovations used as the basis for the Common Challenge. This section is important to provide the overall logic and context of the tender, and will include the six Common Security Scenarios and their prioritisation based on the work done in T5.1, 5.2 and 5.3. To enlarge the impact beyond the PREVENT PCP, D5.5 will also investigate linking the Common Challenge to other procurement approaches, including PPIs, according to different maturity levels.


This deliverable contains the information presenting the PCP opportunity, including the templates, benefits, rules of engagement etc. It is used during the UOG 4th meeting and made available online. It is also advertised to the list of communities highlighted under section 2.

Procurement Environment and Economic Capabilities Report

This deliverable will set up the procurement knowledge body including an oversight of the practices, software environments for law enforcement authorities, rescue services and first responders that could have an impact on the joint procurement of the Common Challenge. Moreover, insights will be gained into the economic capabilities and the investment plans of the public buyers and will feed the refinement of selection cases in WP3.

PREVENT Project Guidelines

reference guidelines for project partners for all activities of the project in terms of coordination, quality, security, confidentiality, online platform, internal mailings, external communication approval process, key contact points etc.

Interactive Innovations and Solutions roadmap

Available as an interactive online solution hosted in the PREVENT collaboration platform (including an update mechanism), multidimensional roadmap of solutions and innovations to address the Common Security Scenarios.

PREVENT Scenarios video

This deliverable is an awareness and training video, used to support the outreach but also the internal alignment. It will be used in the WP2 and WP6 PCP meetings and will be delivered as complementary to the PCP documents.

PREVENT online collaboration platform

The PREVENT online platform available for project partners and UOG members, including a public Web site for information. Updates to this platform will be implemented during PREVENT’s lifetime based on the feedback of tasks 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.


Supporting Decision-Making Through Methodological Scenario Refinement: The PREVENT Project

Autoren: Maria Kampa, George Kampas, Ilias Gkotsis, Youssef Bouali, Anabel Peiró Baquedano, Rami Iguerwane
Veröffentlicht in: Technology Development for Security Practitioners, 2021, Seite(n) 335-356, ISBN 978-3-030-69459-3
Herausgeber: Springer International Publishing
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-69460-9_20

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