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CYPE SOFT has more than 35 years of experience in software development for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC). They detected construction sector is one of the less digitalized in EU because there is a huge diversity of privative AEC solutions in the market, with high price licenses that are not affordable for all users.
CYPE aims to consolidate an open collaborative environment where all agents involved in the construction sector can interoperate and share information using an open standard, the IFC format. BIMSERVER.CENTER will change the AEC software paradigm becoming the ‘construction social network’, a space where professionals can work in a common project using any AEC tool. BIMSERVER.CENTER is disruptive because:
• Collaborative and synchronized workflow enables to use different software solutions in a same project.
• Big Data approach create jobs promoting collaborations based on the needs of specific project owners.
BIMSERVER.CENTER minimum viable product was developed in 2017. At the moment it has more than 16.000 users working in more than 20.000 active projects. Now is the moment to scale-up the system and reach the hundred thousand potential users looking for free and universal solutions for collaborating in the complete lifecycle of construction process. CYPE will use its current customers network of more than 60.000 users in Europe and South America as starting point for expansion. Current relationships with strategic stakeholders (professional associations, providers and educational centers) will spread the platform.
BIMSERVER.CENTER aims to be an interoperable worldwide tool. Business model is based on a win-win strategy: free use for basic accounts and payment for advanced uses as App store, users with high storage availability, possitioning, etc.
A conversion rate from FREE to PAY PER USE of 36% in first 3 months of operation, only from word of mouth beta testers, demonstrates the high business potential of BIMSERVER.CENTER.

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Avenida Eusebio Sempere 5 - Escalera 4- 1°A
03003 Alicante
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
EU contribution
€ 50 000