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Bone Surgery Preparation AIde

Project description

AI-based pre-surgery software

Bone operations often require prosthetic materials for an efficient and effective outcome. Therefore, orthopaedic surgeons must measure the distances, angles and depths of fractured bones with high precision. The software developed by the EU-funded BSPA project uses AI to precisely annotate, segment and visualise bone fractures in 3D. It provides an automated determination of essential parameters needed for bone surgeries within minutes. The BSPA software has already been implemented in some hospitals and the goal is to offer 98 % accuracy in the process at a fraction of the cost. During the feasibility phase, partners have established a roadmap to regulatory approval and assessed potential partnerships for future commercialisation prospects.

Objective has developed a Proof-of-Concept version (TRL level 3) of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to be offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and able to automatically and very precisely annotate, segment and 3D visualize unique bone and fracture patient cases (goal is >98% accuracy compared to 90-92 with current solutions), within minutes (instead of hours to days), and at a fraction of current cost (€10 vs €1,200). This process will hence also enable automated and expedient determination to do exact measurements of distances, angles, depths, and making a list of required prosthetic materials to perform the bone operation as efficient and effective as possible. We are currently already partnered with several Dutch hospitals and a small number of internationally renowned institutions.

Focus in this feasibility phase will be put on in-depth market study with/on end-users (key stakeholders) and the legal framework surrounding the innovation and future implementation within European hospitals. Also market sizes will be calculated further, a roadmap to regulatory approval set up, purchase (department) procedures per country worked out, and pricing strategy set after clear cost and value assessment. Various international partnerships will be assessed to accelerate the project and enhance its impact via well-established companies in the medical imaging technology workflow (Siemens, SECTRA, Phillips, et cetera).
An important part of the study will address orthopedic device manufacturers. We will assess the possibility to extent our business model to create a second-side to the marketplace; As orthopedic device makers spend approximately 36% on marketing and sales (almost 11B USD in 2017 for the top ten manufacturers)

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