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Urban Chemical Threat Location and Identification


“Catch the bomb maker, not the bomb” reflects a paradigm change in security where threat detection methods allowing for preventive measures rather than localized checkpoint systems are deployed. The Brussels 2016 explosions, and recent use of military grade CWA in Salisbury UK have exposed vulnerabilities of our urban centers. Global terrorism, illicit drug distribution networks and foreign insurgent activities force governments to strengthen security measures to protect the population especially in metropolitan areas. We call this Urban Chemical Threat Identification and Location (UCTIL). Karsa intends to launch a product into the nascent UCTIL market by deploying a sensor network that can continuously monitor ambient air for multiple target compounds with high sensitivity and specificity. The base technology already exists and has been proven robust for ambient and mobile measurements. Continuously monitoring ambient air in a complex urban environment for low concentrations of many chemicals stretches the limits of state-of-the-art technology. However, Karsa is extremely well positioned to address this challenge because it originates from the world-leading institute in atmospheric sciences (INAR) that has revolutionized the way chemical composition of the atmosphere is studied. We are seeking support to conduct a feasibility study to further explore this opportunity and prepare a plan to address R&D and business related activities to be undertaken in a potential phase 2 project.

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