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American Norwegian Sound Systems and Language Contact

Project description

A close look at bilingual processes

The EU-funded AmNorSSC project will take a close look at bilingual grammars and investigate the extent to which language structures in one language remain intact under intense contact with another. The project will focus on American Norwegian-English bilinguals. This group was selected because nearly all of its speakers are elderly who shifted to English as children. For this reason, their speech patterns can be used to determine the language processes and how these change over the lifespan. The project will draw on quantitative and qualitative methods to advance our understanding of the human capacity for language. It will focus on bilingual vowel patterns and the extent to which Norwegian and English influence each other’s phonological systems.


Net EU contribution
€ 214 158,72
Problemveien 5-7
0313 Oslo

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Norge Oslo og Viken Oslo
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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