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Targeting MarA to Inhibit Efflux

Project description

Removing bacteria's ability to evict antibiotics could be their death knell

Much as we are searching for ways to rid our bodies of harmful bacteria, bacteria have developed ways to get rid of 'harmful' antibiotics from theirs. For several decades, scientists have known about efflux pumps and their importance in bacterial antibiotic resistance and in resistance in viruses, fungi, and cancer cells. These membrane-bound transport proteins expel toxic substances, including virtually all classes of clinically relevant antibiotics. Some of them extrude specific substrates but many are multidrug pumps. In some bacteria, pump expression is regulated by global transcription factor MarA. TaMIE plans to design the first-ever inhibitors of MarA using several pathways. Finding the most effective MarA inhibitor could pave the way to powerful therapeutics that combat multidrug resistance.


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