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References to Environs are Coordinated to be Heard and Seen (REaCHeS): an investigation of multimodal spatial referencing in Eastern Chatino

Project description

A closer look at spatial deictic expressions and pointing gestures

To point to objects in the world, people use spoken deictic expressions (like ‘this’ and ‘that,’ ‘here’ and ‘there') and gestures of the head and hands. The EU-funded REaCHeS project investigates how speakers use these signals during direction-giving. Specifically, the project focuses on spoken deictic expressions and pointing gestures in speakers of Eastern Chatino (a Zapotecan language used in Oaxaca, Mexico). This lesser-studied language has a rich set of spoken deictics, as well as pointing gestures that convey information about the distance of the target. The project explores how people combine the many information-rich pointing signals available to them during real-world navigation and direction-giving activities.


Net EU contribution
€ 191 852,16
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22100 Lund

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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