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Roots in armour - a barrier induced to protect against intrusion of soil phytotoxins?

Project description

Assessing plants' protective mechanisms against oxygen loss and toxin invasions

Plants survive in the flooded soils of tidal environments, where oxygen availability is inherently low, thanks to the internal gas-filled spaces in their tissues. However, such soils also contain harmful substances for plants such as sulfide, a potent phytotoxin. The EU-funded ROLLBAR project will shed light on the concrete role of root radial oxygen loss (ROL) and a root ROL barrier in the protection of roots from phytotoxin intrusion in plant tissues. The innovative aspect of ROLLBAR lies in the use of advanced technology to measure oxygen and sulfides at the root–rhizosphere interface of key species.


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€ 207 312,00
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1165 Kobenhavn

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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