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Simulations of Topological Phases in Superconducting Circuits

Project description

Laying the foundations for a model system in which to study exotic states of matter

Physicists historically left the subject of topology (the study of shapes and their arrangement in space) to their colleagues in mathematics. However, in recent decades physicists have discovered that topology provides unique insight into many exotic states of matter with a particularly successful application to condensed matter physics. Pioneers in this endeavour received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2016. The EU-funded TOPOCIRCUS project will investigate a special type of superconducting circuit as a promising platform for the simulation of exotic topological effects. Its validation could spur tremendous innovation and discovery regarding exotic states of mater for novel devices.


The discovery of topological order characterising novel exotic phases of matter has generated a breakthrough in the comprehension of complex condensed matter phases. Topological invariants entirely determine the behaviour of certain observables and confer to the systems a strong robustness to perturbations. Going beyond condensed matter states, topological order can be engineered in different setups that can benefit form it and represent alternative platform for the simulation of exotic topological phases. One of the most promising candidate for such a plan is represented by superconducting circuits based on the Josephson effect. The present proposal aims at studying the interconnections between the topological notion and the Josephson effect and to propose superconducting circuits as a platform for the simulation and manipulation of novel topological phases of matter.


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