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University education as a driver for sustainability transitions

Project description

New insights into the role of education in achieving a sustainable society

Sustainability transitions (STs) go hand in hand with learning. There is, however, a lack of guidance on how teaching and learning practices can be improved. Addressing this, the EU-funded UNI4ST project aims to produce empirically grounded knowledge on how university education can be designed and delivered in such a way that it becomes a fruitful driver for STs. It will draw upon pragmatist educational scholarship and the multi-level perspective on STs to develop a tailored analytical toolbox for empirical investigations that will be applied to three case studies. Moreover, it will assess the effectiveness of paedagogical efforts and focus on the educational process and its relationship to societal transformation.


Net EU contribution
€ 203 852,16
Von Kraemers Alle 4
751 05 Uppsala

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Östra Sverige Östra Mellansverige Uppsala län
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
€ 203 852,16