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Soil quality Assessment in Agriculture For life cycle assessment-based Eco-design

Descripción del proyecto

Elaboración de modelos innovadores para la evaluación de la calidad del suelo

La calidad del suelo es primordial para la agricultura y esencial para su sostenibilidad. La evaluación, gestión y protección eficaces de la calidad del suelo son la base de unas prácticas agrícolas sostenibles. Por desgracia, los modelos actuales utilizados dentro de las huellas ambientales no tienen en cuenta los efectos totales del uso de la tierra en la calidad del suelo. El proyecto SAAFE, financiado con fondos europeos, pretende colmar esta laguna. Un equipo de investigación multidisciplinario con acceso a grandes conjuntos de datos elaborará un nuevo método de modelización para tener más en cuenta la calidad del suelo en las evaluaciones ambientales.


The SAAFE project, Soil quality Assessment in Agriculture For life cycle assessment-based Eco-design, aims to tackle the
lack of accounting for land use impacts on soil quality in environmental footprints. It will provide a turnkey method within Life
Cycle Assessment (LCA) based on a set of models integrating the interdisciplinary research advances. To benefit from this
up-to-date research and to learn from renowned researchers, I aim to go to James Cook University, where there are rich
knowledge and unique modelling groups on tropical soil processes. I will then bring back operational knowledge to Europe,
where the gap in methods is still hampering the development of environmental footprint regulations, which concern a
growing number of imported tropical products. Such scientific and operational developments are critical to improve the
diagnostic power of LCA and ensure that LCA-based eco-designed practices enable soil functions’ resilience, hence
sustainability. I will coordinate the project together with two extraordinary supervisors, A/Prof. Nelson and Dr. Perret, who
have remarkable experiences in tropical soil sciences and LCA of agricultural systems, respectively, and are undeniable
references in terms of project coordination and student supervision. I will also develop a complete personal career
development plan along the project in order to overcome my scientific and skill gaps and surpass me. Rich from these
collaborations and the experience gained through this ambitious project, I aim to move to the next stage in my career and
become an internationally recognised research director. I will then build an ambitious new research programme in
ecosystem services modelling and environmental assessments, combining research projects and an excellence training
network to train young researchers and enhance capacity building exchanges. I also hope to become an influential expert
providing advices to policy makers and contributing to make an impact for the society.


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