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Integrated Services to Boost Energy Renovation in Hungarian Homes

Risultati finali

Market analysis on the impact of EE renovation on homes' market price

The market analysis will provide a comprehensive countrywide assessment how the costs of energy refurbishment incorporates into the market price of the renovated homes The analysis will segment the market according to building typology refer to Task 24 and geographic location

Toolkit of standardized documents

The toolkit is a set of standardised technical financial and legal documents and templates to be made available on the platform and physical or electronic form in the Hotspots The toolkit will include in particular data collection checklists quotation and contract forms to recruit engineers energy auditors construction firm technical supervisors model energy efficiency plans templates supporting the internal decisionmaking process of multifamily building application forms and reporting for standardized financial products

Online Platform Structural Brief

After launching the Online Platform a document will be elaborated Online Platform Structural Brief containing the knowhow of the process and lessons learnt of the platform creation in order to allow international replication

Benchmark handbook

The benchmark handbook will provide input data for the online calculator and technical and financial decisionmaking support of the RenoHUb It will integrate the existing building typology and other available data The results will be made available for the Building Stock Observatory of the European Commission

Analysis on the integration of the existing financial instruments

The analysis aims to bring the existing financial products align with the onestopshop concept The main focuses include i the better integration between complementary financial products eg loans combined with saving schemes and ii the increased transparency and compatibility between financial products

Product selection guide

The guide will provide product specific information on materials and equipment used for home renovation with comparable technical parameters The guide will be a live document and open to all relevant product to be enrolled by producers or traders

Description of RenoHUb model

This description will cover the the conceptual design of RenoHUb as well as the detailed description of the actual RENOHUB renovation services. The model will be based on the “one-stop-shop” model and will initially include an on-line platform and two permanent offices (hotspots). The paper will include the financial model for making RenoHUb financially self-sustainable (planned costs and revenues), and a strategy for expanding the network of hotspots beyond the project.

Operation manualfor RenoHUb hotspot operators

As part of the training material for hotspot operators a manual for operating hotspots will be made by the partners The manual will give practical guidance on how to set up and maintain a RenoHUb hotspot It will be available in pdf format and will be downloadable from the RenoHUb Platform

Report on dissemination activities

All appearances of the project event participation mainstream media presence social media reach project video views etc will be documented in this report

Report on the strategic evaluation of existing financial schemes

The report will (i) review the objectives, eligibility criteria, and financial and operational conditions, etc. of the financial schemes currently available on the local market for home renovation, (ii) conduct the strategic evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses, and (iii) formulate recommendations concerning the improvement of their effectiveness and more integrated financing options.

Report on proposed measures for new financing schemes

The report will technically ground and propose a number of support measures for engaged financial institutions in areas such as ensuring better understanding between financial and technical experts financial risk mitigation modalities simplification and standardization of the internal decisionmaking procedures assistance in designing appropriate sales strategy and exploring cooperation opportunities with complementary financial schemes Th report will be updated in M16 and 28

Training material for installers

The training aims to develop the communication skills of the installers to make them capable of arguing for energy efficient solutions The training material will improve installers reasoning skills and make their communication tools refined and simplified it will make them capable of selling the energy efficient refurbishments The training material will be developed by the experts of the consortium members Energiaklub MEHI AACM IMRO

Inventory of the elements of technical-engineering process of home renovation

The deliverable includes a comprehensive mapping of the technical-engineering process of home renovation as backbone of the technical design, implementation and post-implementation monitoring. The purpose is to identify all potential intervention points for RenoHUb measures.

Research on homeowners’ motivations, drivers and obstacles

The research paper will assess the drivers and obstacles for homeowners to decide on the renovation of their homes. The assessment will differentiate between homeowners living in multi-apartment buildings and in single family houses, and will base on in-depth interviews and focus groups research.

Training materials for financial institutions

The deliverable produces presentations and information materials and subsequent updates for informing banking professionals as well as reports on the information sessions Initially five oneday separate information and consultation sessions are planned for selected financial institutions Series of refreshment courses are planned in the second and the third year of the project The training material will be updated in M17 and M29

List of pilot projects

This deliverable will assess the technical details of the pilot refurbishment activities with the clear indication of the achieved energy saving and also the enumeration of the useful experiences tips that shall be take into account in case of other refurbishment activities

Installer database and rating system

A voluntarybased system for the installers will be developed those wishing to join the RenoHUb Online Platform database 1 need to go over a preselection process the criteria of which will be defined and 2 be subject to the evaluation of users homeowners who contracted the installers The output will be a database of installers on the Online Platform as well an elaborated online system where their work can be evaluated by their clients

Online Platform

One of the major outputs of the RenoHUb project is the userfriendly transparent online platform with a simple to use menu to help customer orientation This will include a complex knowledge base on energy efficiency renovations where general information practical guides and readytouse materials will all be found The Online Platform also intends to build customer relations and gather information about those who visit the website A CRM module will be built in the website in order to be able to supply customized newsletters offers including QAs

Project video for dissemination purposes in Hungarian with English subtitles

A short film with English subtitles to help a better visual understanding of the project results

Project website in Hungarian and English

The project website will give account of the implemented actions measures and achieved goals All projectrelated materials public deliverables studies research results newsletters press releases events etc will be available on the site

Final conference

As a major and final step stone of RenoHUb an international closing conference will be organized in Budapest to allow a wider sharing of the project results with the expert community This deliverable will summarise the main points of discussion during the conference

Final Publishable Report in Hungarian and English

The project will prepare a Final Publishable Report that will include important lessons learnt recommendations guidance for replicators and detailed information on the projects process as well as signed contracts and contractual arrangements The report will be drafted in Hungarian and English with executive summaries also in French German Italian Spanish and Polish

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