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Mathematics Analogies

Project description

Filling gaps in the analogies between mathematics and metaphysics

A priori knowledge is essentially the opposite of hindsight - it is knowing something without the need for experience. Philosophically, it is related to the idea of universal truths and metaphysical realism, the philosophy that the world is as it is independently of how humans perceive it. These concepts also play into discussions of a priori domains including ethics and religion. Analogies with mathematics, yet another a priori domain, are increasingly used to explain, advance or corroborate various views. The EU-funded MathematicsAnalogies project will draw on expertise in mathematical philosophy to fill important gaps in current debates.


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Geschwister Scholl Platz 1
80539 Muenchen

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Bayern Oberbayern München, Kreisfreie Stadt
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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