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TOwards Multi-stakehOldeRs transition ROadmaps With citizens at the centre

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Supporting social engagement for EU decarbonisation goal

Europe plans to decarbonise all EU cities by 2050. To achieve this ambitious goal, our societies must take ownership. This will only be possible if the strategies and benefits are coherent and transparent. The EU-funded TOMORROW project aims to empower local governments by providing transitional roadmaps that will help them upgrade their capacities, and engage citizens, civil society, as well as potential key actors to actively participate in the changes. City training and peer-to-peer activities with pilot cities will be organised to share innovative sustainable energy solutions and practices. The project will also provide EU cities with a wealth of resources, including supporting materials, factsheets and guidelines.


By 2050, European cities should be decarbonised, sustainable and provide for a high quality of life. In order to achieve this goal, society as a whole has to become more accountable and mutual responsibility needs to be distributed amongst all actors. Therefore, urban governance schemes need to become more transparent and inclusive so that all can benefit. This is why public administrations need to be equipped with skills and support schemes. Local transition roadmaps draw on the required skills and capacities of local authorities and allow them to become leaders of the energy transition. Such roadmaps provide explicit strategies and operational tools for local governments to address the multiple challenges of the energy transition and their ecological, economic, and social aspects. Thereby, their development provides both, space for innovations to develop, and participatory approaches to flourish.
TOMORROW aims at empowering local authorities to lead the transition towards low-carbon, resilient and more liveable cities by engaging citizens and stakeholders in the development of 2050 transition roadmaps.
The development process of local transition roadmaps lies at the core of TOMORROW, which recognizes that the achievability of the formulated energy transition targets relies upon effective engagement of civil society, local key actors and their collaboration with local governments. For implementing deliberative governance schemes, the project´s pilot cities will be involved in city trainings and benefit from peer-to-peer activities with lighthouse cities. Best practices and innovative sustainable energy solutions, as well as innovative engagement mechanisms will be shared. Tailored support material, such as a toolbox containing methodological guidelines and factsheets on best practices will be developed for replication. Learning relays and masterclasses will improve participants´ capacities. Policy recommendations aim at an enabling framework for cities´ transition.

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