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6i-DIRS: A growing attractive collaborative ecosystem for boosting impact driven research careers

Project description

Collaborative ecosystem training early-stage researchers

Early-stage researchers (ESRs) are PhD students in the first four years (full-time equivalent) of their research careers who have not yet been awarded a doctoral degree. The EU-funded 6i-DIRS project will recruit 19 ESRs for high-quality doctoral training. Recruitment will be open, merit-based, impartial, equitable and international. The project will train researchers in the following interdisciplinary platforms on EU and global challenges: ageing and wellbeing, cultural and creative industries, cities and regions, gender, social justice and inclusion, as well as strengthening participation. Another four areas are aligned with the Basque smart specialisation strategy on health, sustainable development and innovation in energy, Industry 4.0 and mobility.


6i-DIRS will recruit 19 qualified ESRs for high quality doctoral training to
· promote their social contributions;
· generate interdisciplinary, international and intersectoral projects and dissertations;
· support and broaden their career prospects.

Grounded on a robust, dynamic and attractive ecosystem, 6i-DIRS fosters cooperation and co-creation among 7 PhD programmes and 19 externally evaluated excellence teams, that support them with research and training around
· 5 interdisciplinary platforms on EU and global challenges: Ageing and Wellbeing; Cultural and Creative Industries, Cities and Regions; Gender; Social Justice and Inclusion; and Strengthening Participation;
· 4 interdisciplinary areas aligned with the Basque Smart Specialisation Strategy on Health; Sustainable Development and Innovation in Energy, Industry 4.0 and Mobility.

DEUSTO has prime conditions for frequent dialogue between economic, cultural and social actors. 46 established partners and 15 co-financing entities back 6i-DIRS, ensuring international and intersectoral mobility to broaden ESRs’ employability.

Recruitment will be open, merit-based, impartial, equitable and international. It will avoid any form of discrimination, with international recommendations for transparent and ethical assessment at the core and in line with the European Charter and Code of Conduct and benefiting from H2020 Gearing-Roles project on institutional change. Successful candidates will sign an employment contract, and will have shared supervision and mentoring as detailed in the Doctoral Agreement and their individual training plan.

Full internationalisation is essential in 6i-DIRS, COFUND will
- consolidate the rate of international ESRs (34% of PhDs in 2017/18);
- help with capacity building with Eastern institutions, sharing strengths and lessons learned; and
- consolidate DEUSTO’s internal procedures to attract international talent and grow in scientific excellence, innovation, social engagement and impact.


Net EU contribution
€ 1 545 840,00
48007 Bilbao

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Noreste País Vasco Bizkaia
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Total cost
€ 3 091 680,00