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Institut Curie EuReCa PhD Programme

Project description

Training young researchers in cancer treatment

Remarkable progress has been made in cancer research over the past decade. Despite significant breakthroughs in cancer prevention and treatment, this disease continues to affect millions of people worldwide. Institut Curie is a centre of excellence in cancerology, promoting synergies between high-level scientists and medical doctors. The EU-funded EuReCa (Europe, Research & Care) project is an innovative COFUND programme that will train early-stage researchers (ESRs) in cancerology. It will support their career advancement in top-level scientific knowledge for innovative diagnosis and treatment strategies. The project will also provide training to support the successful integration of ESRs in the market. Proposed interactions between theoretical and clinical research will prepare new scientists to apply research findings to treatment.


Institut Curie proposes an innovative COFUND programme, EuReCa (Europe Research & Care) with the following aims: (1) to train a new generation of early-stage researchers (ESRs) able to achieve excellence in basic sciences and their clinical and industrial applications in cancerology; (2) to implement innovative actions for career support exposing ESRs to our ‘3i’ vision: international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary experience; (3) to consolidate its leadership within its wide network of public and private partners, facilitating exchange of best practices in innovative doctoral training, providing a structured and effective training program to prepare ESRs to successfully enter the increasingly competitive labour market.
Institut Curie is a leading Excellence Cancer Centre bringing together an internationally-renowned interdisciplinary Research Centre and Hospital Group. This proposal will benefit in particular from the expansion of Institut Curie’s unique bench-to-bedside approach which brings together new research teams synergizing the expertise of basic scientists and physicians. The strong focus of this proposal on fostering interactions between basic and clinical research as well as the industrial sector will create a new generation of scientists able to quickly transfer results from fundamental research to patient care. This will take the form of diagnostics, prognostics, predictive biomarkers and imaging tests, treatment strategies, new drugs, new radiotherapy techniques, and public health initiatives on prevention and screening.
At Institut Curie, the ambitious ESRs fellows of the EuReCa programme will be involved in the three pillars of the fight against cancer: Cutting-Edge Research, Advanced Healthcare, Information & Data Management. EuReCa aims to build a multi-faceted community able to communicate, interact, build and share expertise to tackle the challenges of cancer, ultimately leading to better health outcomes and fewer deaths due to cancer.


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