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Improving DNA Analysis for Correct Healthcare


Over the past 10 years DNA sequencing has revolutionized how we apply genetics in personalized healthcare, diagnosis and drug development despite that the sequencing technology comes with numerous shortcomings.
Samplix has developed a proprietary technology, Xdrop™, which addresses these shortcomings. Samplix’ technology encompasses state of the art microfluidics, molecular biology and bioinformatics. The Xdrop technology enables scientists and medical personnel to retrieve specific single DNA molecules from a minute amount of biological sample e.g. tumour biopsies, for subsequent DNA sequencing.
At the core of the Xdrop technology is the generation of millions of droplets, each droplet constituting a reaction chamber for the sample preparation of single DNA molecules. This is opposed to today’s technology which is based on bulk preparation of sample material for DNA sequencing.
Single molecule resolution is key to understanding the complexity of major diseases such as cancer, immunological diseases, mental disorders, etc.
The proposed project addresses the need to qualify known market barriers and put measures in place to overcome such market barriers.
Samplix has engaged a very experienced management team with an aggregated experience of >50 years in developing and selling products for DNA analysis.
Samplix has already established:
• 5 test site agreements with leading DNA institutions around the globe
• Agreements with leading OEM providers on instrument and consumables
• A patent estate of 5 patent families.
• Freedom to operate in multibillion € market.
At Samplix, we strive at 100 mUSD in revenue and profitability in year five after full commercial launch. To achieve such an ambitious goal, we plan to apply a razor/razor blade sales strategy by installing the instrument “for free” in return for a subscription to consumables
Samplix raised 4,5 m€ in May 2018 which brings the total capital raised to 8 m€. A bigger financing round is planned for 2019.

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