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The First Cell Culture Platform that Enables Affordable Cell Therapies at a Large Scale

Risultati finali

Operative dissemination and exploitation plan

This deliverable described the operative plan for this tasks, including the distributors, customers, and stakeholders to be approach together with the channels to reach them.

Ethical compliance report

This report is the result of task 5.3 and it will contain the ethical guidelines that the project must comply with, especially during WP2.

Quality assurance and risk management plan

This report will be an extended and revised version of Table 3.e and it will serve as a reference throughout the project execution.

Intermediate project management report

This report includes the a description of the state of the project, the risks occurred and the related mitigation actions taken, a summary of the expenses made and the mismatches with respect to the forecasts.

Data management plan

The data plan will contain the details of how the project will deal with data, especially during the validation activities carried out in WP2.

Fully-functional Facer units

This is a demonstration of the three fully-functional Facer units produced within WP1.


Scale-Up Of Clinical Grade Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

Autori: Joaquim Vives, Núria Marí-Buyé, Alba López-Fernández, Margarita Blanco, Sílvia Torrents, Clémentine Mirabel, Paula Martínez, David Horna, Miquel Costa, Susana G. Gómez, Sergi Querol
Pubblicato in: BMC Proceedings, 2020, Page(s) Volume 14, supplement 5
Editore: BMC Proceedings

Development of an autonomous platform for CAR T-cell manufacturing

Autori: Mireia Ruiz
Pubblicato in: National Instrument case – Real world applications, 2019
Editore: National Instruments