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DEcision Support system for Smart Agriculture

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - DESSA (DEcision Support system for Smart Agriculture)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2019-03-01 al 2019-06-30

DESSA is an innovative DEcision Support System for Smart Agriculture based on IoT and precision farming that provides real-time and accurate information on their specific crop protection measures and nutrition management. DESSA project is developed by a consortium between two Italian companies which combine agricultural crop research with ICT and IT Infrastructure development: Agri2000Net is an agricultural company with decades of experience in crop modelling database and 3CiME Technology offers since 2008 ICT services, solutions and IT infrastructure.
DESSA will target farmers and agricultural cooperative as our main clients all over Europe, being Italy and Spain our first targets due to our existing network of clients in them. DESSA has completed Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 stage of development. The overall aim of the project is to take it to TRL9 and to market launch by 2022 reaching more than 25,000 hectares of land in the first five years of commercialization.
In this Feasibility Study, we have analyzed the implementation of DESSA. We have carried out research and analyses concerning various fields: 1) Technical viability, 2) Commercial viability, 4) IPR protection, 5) Commercialization partner search and 5) Financial viability.
Among the objectives achieved we can highlight: analysis of the current state of development of our DESSA and the required future improvements, a deeper knowledge of the market needs and the competitors within it; the potential of our DESSA, both technical and commercial; the business plan to be followed to reach the market in the next 24 months.
DESSA is the first system to integrate sensors in the fields with cloud-based analytic software which uses advanced crop-specific plant models for a wide range of fruits and vegetables. DESSA increases the crop yield up to 20% and quality (60% reduction in wastage production) while reducing resource consumption (10%-30% reduction in chemical applications and 10%-20% in CO2 emissions). DESSA is user-friendly and overcomes the agriculture sector reluctance to incorporate digital solutions as it has been developed in close collaboration with farmers and cooperatives .DESSA is fully aligned with the Directive 2009/128 / EC on the sustainable use of pesticides by engaging farmers in practices with limited risk on human health an environment and gives priority to low pesticide input.