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AI-based, Hardware-agnostic, Predictive Wi-Fi Network Management Software

Project description

Accurate and efficient WiFi maintenance

With rapid digitalisation and the internet playing a big role in both private sectors and daily life, as well as the push to work from home for many sectors, WiFi services play an ever-increasing role too. Despite this, studies show, that around half of all customer service calls to internet service providers have to do with home WiFi problems, with a lot of customers altogether avoiding complaints and just changing internet providers. The EU-funded TEApot project will develop a novel solution that through local and cloud modules will deliver precise and efficient diagnostics of at-home WiFi.


According to recent studies, around 50% of all customer service calls to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are related to issues with home Wi-Fi. Also, around 70% of all customers experience problems when streaming or downloading content over Wi-Fi in their homes. 75% of all customers expect their ISPs to solve their Wi-Fi related issues and 54% of all customers are willing to pay an extra of €4.5 per month if their ISP would provide a premium Wi-Fi service. Annual customer care cost alone amount to €11 million. Moreover, many dissatisfied customers do not prefer calling for a complaint, instead they silently churn by switching their service to another provider either immediately or when it comes time to renegotiate their service contract. Thus, in addition to the above mentioned costs, ISPs undertake unnecessary hardware replacement costs, customer churns and lost higher tier upsell opportunities. These findings demonstrate that there is solid need to diagnose and solve Wi-Fi problems remotely.
TEA’s innovative solution, TEApot (TEA’s predictive optimization technology), comprises embedded (local) and cloud software modules that provide comprehensive, hardware-agnostic, real-time AI-driven, in-home network management. TEApot facilitates predictive maintenance and proactive control of home Wi-Fi networks, thus avoiding customer dissatisfaction. Furthermore, by being hardware-agnostic, TEApot facilitates rapid integration and deployment without device vendor lock-in. TEApot promises around 60% reduction in customer care costs, translating into €6.5 million in cost savings annually per 1 million subscribers. Additionally, TEApot brings new revenue and upsell opportunities for ISPs through the value-added services made possible by its advanced features. TEApot’s modular architecture enables scalable and flexible marketing opportunities.

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