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An AR cloud and digital twins solution for industry and construction 4.0

Project description

An augmented reality cloud platform to improve productivity and product quality

EU-funded ARtwin aims at developing an Augmented Reality (AR) cloud platform for improving productivity and product quality of the European industry and construction 4.0. Based on 5G connectivity, the AR cloud platform will enable collaborative AR experiences adapted to factory and construction site environments. AR experience will operate on a large scale by using 3D mapping and vision-based localisation services. A remote rendering service will enable the display of complex 3D content on low-resources AR devices. Finally, dedicated tools will allow for service deployment and orchestration on any cloud infrastructure. Three pilot use cases will be used for validation, while contribution to standardisation will aim at fostering the emergence of a sustainable and sovereign AR ecosystem in Europe.


Industry and construction 4.0 have high expectations of AR technologies in terms of productivity gains and quality improvement. Numerous proofs of concept demonstrate significant returns on investment but difficulties occur when it comes to large-scale deployment in operational dynamic environments exposed to variable lighting conditions. To overcome these limitations IT leaders (Google/Apple/Microsoft) investigate ARCloud technology in building a 3D map of the environment in the cloud which can be updated and shared by any AR device, allowing collaborative AR experiences and a more robust and accurate 3D registration. Unfortunately, the early-stage ARCloud implementations do not fully meet industry and construction 4.0 requirements and European players may face a lock-in situation if no sovereign solution is proposed to them.
ARtwin project aims to provide European Industry and Construction 4.0 with a ARCloud platform that meets their needs. This platform deployed on a private distant or/and edge cloud ensures the privacy of information and offers three key services: (i) an accurate and robust 3D registration for any AR device in large-scale and dynamic environments, allowing to present relevant information to workers at the right time and place, (ii) reduction of the difference between the physical and digital world by continuously maintaining the Digital Twin/BIM model based on vision sensors available in the factory or on construction sites, (iii) display of complex 3D augmentations on any AR device by remotely rendering them in the cloud with ultra-low-latency. The ARtwin platform and services will be validated in operational environments through two use cases in Industry 4.0 and a use case in Construction 4.0. The results of the format of the 3D map stored in the cloud will be submitted to standardization bodies to prevent lock-in situation with few vendors and encourage an ecosystem with a diverse range of solutions providers (small players, academics, etc.)

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