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Learning from the hand: Augmented reality applications

Augmented reality (AR) is already widely used beyond video gaming in several applications, including advertising. Heavily invested in by giants of technology, AR presents limitations when it comes to use on mobile phones, which have to rely solely on their RGB camera. RealHands project works on real-time movement of a hand through computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning, still using the camera incorporated in smartphones. It has focused on understanding the movement of hands and creating a B2B solution for real-time movement that will use little computing power and energy. RealHands’s software will be widely useful in all kinds of applications, including education and health.


Mobile Augmented Reality has the potential to go beyond gaming and transform the way we learn, work and interact. The main issue with mobile AR so far has been that a seemingly simple task, that is to create a real time understanding of how the hand moves by using only the already installed RGB camera and the processing power available in a mobile phone has been an unsolved technical problem.
ManoMotion taps into this opportunity with its patented deep technology that integrates hand tracking and gesture analysis with Computer Vision, AI and Machine learning in a B2B solution that provides a framework for real- time 3D gestural analysis with the simple RGB camera found in everyday smartphones, with minimal computing power and minimal battery consumption. ManoMotion’s is the first software solution that creates realistic real-time hand understanding, gesture control & hand-to-object interaction in augmented reality and virtual reality environments. The company is on a mission to interpret human intent and make technology more natural and intuitive using one of the most versatile tools humans use to interact with the world: their hands. With the “RealHands” project, the company will push the development of the technology to be scalable and adaptable to a virtually endless range of applications: from videogaming to education to health applications.
Goldman Sachs estimate that the total accessible market for AR software is 35 B$ in 2025 60% of which is driven by consumers. The largest segment, according to the same study, is projected to be the videogame market which is expected to generate 11.6 B$ from over 216M users in 2025, followed by health case sector at 5.1 B$ and engineering 4.7 B$. Thanks to this project ManoMotion will become a prime mover of this market.

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