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Physical Architecture Optimization System


PEDR - Plan for the Communication Dissemination and Exploitation of Results

Scientific papers, workshops, technology days. This deliverable should summarise the beneficiaries’ strategy and concrete actions related to the communication, dissemination, exploitation and protection of the project results. This document is a living document and shall be updated/confirmed as part of the Periodic and Final Reporting of the project meaning at each periodic time. Delivery/Milestone (at the latest) T0+6M

State of the Art in 3D and routing algorithm report

State of the Art in 3D and routing algorithm report (R), Delivery/Milestone T0+4M

Data Management Plan

PHAROS Data Management Plan (DMP) will describe the data management life cycle for all data sets that will be collected, processed and generated by the project. This DMP will indicate how the Consortium will handle the research data during the project, and after its completion. The first version of the DMP will be delivered in month 4 of the project (Deliverable D5.a) and will be updated at the end of the project. This plan will increase the project’s research efficiency, will save time and resources in the long run and will enhance data security and minimize the risk of data loss. Delivery/Milestone (at the latest) T0+4M