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Global-Warming-Optimized Aircraft Design


TLARs and design constraints

This report describes the process of deriving a set of statistical relevant TLARs and design constraints for one or more selected market segments based on the representative route network. It constitutes the basis for the aircraft synthesis.

Reference route network

This deliverable consists of a dataset defining one or more representative route network(s) for selected market segment(s) in an appropriate data format (e.g. NetCDF) and a corresponding report including details about the generation and usage of the data.

State-of-art review report

The report summarizes the state of the art on the relation between aircraft design and climate impact. It will cover the following domains: Overall climate impact of aviation, climate metrics, Climate-optimized aircraft Operation as well as Climate-optimized aircraft design.

Reference Aircraft Designs

It contains all necessary design parameters of the reference aircraft design.

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan (DMP) contains a short summary concerning the purpose for which data have been generated in the project, the project objectives related to these data, the name and nature of the dataset (e.g. numerical data, experimental data, stochastic data, empirical data, software code, Hardware).

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