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Flameless affordable and high efficency micro turbine system for sustainable residential cogeneration


Decentralized or distributed energy systems such as wind turbines, photovoltaic solar panels, fuel cells, cogeneration (or CHP) and many others present the invaluable advantage of providing electricity on-site, avoiding big losses in transport and making them much more efficient and sustainable than current old centralized power generation plants. In particular, micro cogeneration in the residential sector allows householders to produce their own electricity (that they can also export to the grid) and use by-product heat for heating and/or cooling, significantly reducing greenhouse emissions and saving primary energy. Their huge potential has been recognized by the EU, especially considering that households’ consumption accounts for 25.4% of total European energy consumption.
We at MITIS, small Belgian technological enterprise, are committed to the development of efficient and clean micro CHP systems based on gas microturbines. We present FLAMINCO, a ground-breaking micro CHP boiler system designed to replace conventional domestic boilers in households, and that can be integrated in individual/community smart grids with other renewables. With its flameless combustion and our patented high efficiency heat exchanger, it delivers 1.5kWe power output and 6.5kWth thermal power with minimal NOx and CO emissions. Moreover, innovatively based on the Inverted Brayton Cycle, it does not require highly pressurized chambers and results therefore much less expensive to manufacture than its competitors.
With this project, we aim to optimize FLAMINCO and start its large-scale market deployment. We believe it will foster economic growth at MITIS (we estimate 28.1M€ turnover and 68 new jobs by 2025) and our clients (mainly, energy and utilities companies), alongside a clear positive impact to environment (~25% savings of primary energy and reduction of 10-20% of total CO2 emissions for electricity generation), and to society, through the empowerment of energy consumers.

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